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Modern Day Trading is a duo team of 2 professional traders; Louie and Justin who eat, sleep, and breathe trading.  Our goals are to constantly strive to become better traders ourselves while teaching and learning from others along the never ending journey.  By teaching aspiring traders, we are not only helping them achieve their goals, but also reinforcing our own abilities.

As the name suggests, we started trading in the modern markets where information is accessible to everyone and majority of volume is taken off by algorithms.  This is creating a harder time for your typical trader to succeed.  We have went through our ups and downs to hone our skills to become profitable traders.  There is always room for improvement and now we want to continue growing and helping those that are willing and ready to put in the work.  

Justin is a skilled trader with over 5 years of experience in options and equity trading. He got his start as an options trader while he was completing his finance degree at Syracuse University. After a few years of options trading, he decided to transition to equities. Now he is a proprietary day trader, working at a broker dealer in NYC. Justin has adjusted his strategy to focus predominately on day trading to avoid overnight risk. He enjoys teaching others the things he has learned during his time as a trader.

Louie is a relatively young and new trader.  He started his journey in his early years of college and like many others he just put in a couple thousand dollars into an account and went for the biggest returns.  Unfortunately he also blew that account up like many others... Three separate accounts to be exact.  That did not stop Louie from continuing down the trader path.  By learning through his mistakes, Louie's growth as a trader greatly accelerated while working as a proprietary day trader in NYC.  Louie is great at helping his peers develop as traders since he was just in their shoes not too long ago, but is now reaping in the rewards of trading.


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