Loran Northey

Anxiety Detox Specialist at LoranNorthey.com

I help people ditch their stress and grab life with both hands!

By creating the right mindset a person can achieve what they want to and wealth-being is not only about finances but being wealthy is everything - health, wealth and happiness.

I work with people to make this happen so that they create balance, control and choice in their lives to be able to be, do and have what they want.

Whether it's to be richer, slimmer, happier - whatever, I can help you achieve it.

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At LoranNorthey.com we work together with our clients to create the success, without the stress!

I love to travel and have been in a huge number of countries in the world, my love of people and kids gave me a vast opportunity to live a nomadic life where I learned that 'living' was what we are all here for.

I saw so many people stressed, unhappy and living to work that I wanted to find a way to help them. This led me to studying NLP, Hypnosis, Symbiodynamics, Teaching and I built a successful Coaching and Personal Development Practice, LoranNorthey.com working with individuals and corporates, plus county councils to help people back to work, confidence & self esteem issues, NLP and helping adults with mental health issues and life challenges that were creating barriers to their life.

Within LoranNorthey.com the aim is to assist clients to live a free, healthy and wealthy life.

Using tried and tested mind-skill techniques alongside cutting edge neuro science technologies, clients not only become clear on what they want but learn how to actually make it happen.

We really get you programmed for success!

Remember: 'What we think about we bring about' and ask yourself 'Am I getting the results I want or am I making excuses?' AND 'Am I happy with that?'

If you're not get in contact and I'll help you to get what you want!

:) Loran

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