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Hi, my name is Ian Patterson, founder and Managing Director of Lonegenius Limited.

I’ve been an IT Professional for twenty two years now, and an IT Contractor for over twelve of those.

During my time as a contractor, I’ve worked as a Programmer, Business Analyst, Senior Business Analyst and Interim Project Manager for a range of clients including Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, Hitachi Capital and British Airways.

Working as a contractor has given me exposure to a number of key projects such as Faster Payments and Bacs Systems upgrades, as well as the opportunity to work across all stages of the project lifecycle. Contracting has given me a fantastic quality of life – not only in financial terms, but also the flexibility to spend a year living in Paris, for example, three months in San Fransico and travel Route 66 on a motorbike. None of which would have been possible working in a permanent job.

Okay, that’s quite enough about me – how does this relate to you

Through Lonegenius, my aim is to give you the benefit of my experience in the areas of Software Devlopement, Business Analysys and IT Contracting itself, distilled into straightforward, easy to understand courses.

Lonegenius’ headline Course: IT Contracting Bootcamp was developed in response to an obvious lack of clear and informative guidance availble to first-time contractors, and sets the tone for all the courses that Lonegenius will produce. Through a combination of video lectures, worked examples, downloadable resources, quizes and active discussion, my aim here is to help you get the most out of the course and make your learning experience an enjoyable one. Please shout out if you think anything can be improved, you don’t understand something or you want to point out anything that you’ve particulary enjoyed or found informative.

I ask that if you do have a problem with any of the courses, please tell me before you leave a review, and I’ll try to sort it out. I sincerely hope that you find the courses entertaining and useful.

Ian Patterson, MD Lonegenius Limited.

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