Lisa Ann Landry

Positive Vibrations In Life In Business In Social Media

 Do you need a light? Lisa Ann Landry is an exuberant force of light and empowerment to those she trains and coaches; let her light up your life as a corporate trainer, social media marketing trainer or business career coach.

Lisa Ann Landry has over 20 years of experience as a corporate trainer and delivers skill enhancing, entertaining, informative programs that keep the audience engaged from the beginning to the end. One of her strengths is the ability to relate difficult and technical content such as social media marketing content in a way that the audience easily understands and can quickly apply. Lisa Ann Landry gains immense satisfaction from overcoming the desire to give up when learning difficult content and being able to teach it to others who have that same feeling.

One recent achievement Lisa Ann is proud of is having learned an entirely new field, one that was foreign and completely overwhelming. It was social media marketing for small business. Currently Lisa Ann Landry is ranked by Hubspot Twitter Grader  among the Twitter elite in the Seattle Area and her LinkedIn Profile ranks in the top 5% of all profiles (200 million) viewed on LinkedIn in 2013.

Today Lisa Ann Landry is a licensed coach and corporate trainer in social media  marketing. She is the co-creator of The New SNCC Way -Strategies Networking Customers Capital and  teaches online at The SNCC Way (The Social Networking Coaching Club) and delivers training throughout the country. Her training is focused in the arena of social media marketing  for small business where she teaches topics that include Facebook , Google, LinkedIn, Blogging, Twitter , and social media marketing strategy for small business.

When you hire Lisa Ann Landry as a corporate trainer or as a social media marketing coach you receive top quality delivery and an energized staff with new applicable careers skills and requests for more. She is available as a corporate trainer and social media marketing trainer on a contract basis or full time and would be delighted to train where she can put her passion for empowering people to use.

For more information about working with Lisa Ann, as well as topics and services she provides, please contact her at  602-793-9071, or

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