Lirone Glikman

Business networking expert

We can achieve everything through the power of relationships!

Hi, I'm Lirone Glikman, a business networking coach, international speaker & blogger.

I guide business owners, entrepreneurs, start-up founders and career-oriented people around the world to achieve their goals through smart creation and management of their business relationships and improvement of their communication skills.

I've developed "The 5 Pillars of Effective Networking" method, which I teach in my seminars.

In my talks, workshops and writings, I provide practical tools and techniques that include creating relationships face-to-face and online, maintaining relationships, and improving interpersonal skills, personal branding, impression management, networking strategy, and more- with dedication to your success and a big smile!

I share my networking knowledge and philosophy based on 16 years of global experience in marketing, productions, sales and PR for leading bodies in Australia and Israel. I'm also a social entrepreneur and the co-founder of a networking group.

I have been featured in professional events and magazines in Israel, the UK, and the USA, including: Microsoft, Google, The Israeli internet organisation, Startau, Business Banter, and many more.
I mentor entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners around the world.

My goal is to help others take control of their lives, reach their goals, succeed, and – most importantly – enjoy doing it!

I look forward to seeing you "in class"!


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