Lighthouse Lifestyle Academy

Personal Education Course Provider

The Lighthouse Lifestyle Academy principal is Peter Michaels who has 30+ years in the financial service industry specializing in marketing and training industry students. Having spend many of those 30+ years training others and building several successful businesses Peter is now dedicated the rest of his life to the creating and facilitating of educational courses to pass on the skills he has learned and to also gather together successful business friends to provide skill based courses in their areas of expertise. Peter has transferred these skills into developing and co-coordinating skill based training across multiple industries. Peter is passionate in providing easily accessible lifestyle applicable courses to students who are looking to learn knew skills.

Peter has gained a lifetime of both industry and life experience and wants to make available this experience to students around the world who would not otherwise have access to him or his knowledge.

Peter has recognized the need to develop online e-learning as the most effective method to deliver applicable training available 24/7 from any location around the world. The Lighthouse Lifestyle Academy has been established to provide the platform for specialist tutors to come together to deliver courses in their specialty areas while accessing the resources of the academy to assist with the development and production of these courses.

The tutors for Lighthouse Lifestyle Academy have many years of training with some tutors having over 30 years in their specialty areas. We pride ourselves on sourcing e-training in multiple categories to meet the needs of our students whether it be a lifestyle course or a specific skill based course. The Lighthouse Lifestyle Academy enables individual tutors to collaborate with other tutors to present a high quality e-learning experience for students.

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