David yao, the founder of legoo mandarin, born in china, resides in kuala lumpur, malaysia, master degree from university malaya, acca (uk) member. have 20 years’ experience in mandarin teaching for foreigners. teaching is also a process of learning, especially for me. i enjoy the teaching and always try to find the best way from outsider. the online education is the one of trend which will shape our future education. combining my master of it, i am focusing on mandarin chinese online teaching and education and still looking the best it solution to integrate my mandarin teaching systemic materials and methods. legoo is my effort of the past 18 years! as a teenager in middle school, i had no interest in languages. i even failed chinese in my university entry examination. as i grew older, i began to teach friend’s kids occasionally in mandarin in malaysia when i studied here. i discovered many smart boys had the same trait as me: no interest in language. i began to look the answer for: why do we all not like languages? i had a great grandfather yiu hong, who was a famous chinese writer and chief editor for his publishing company. i studied chinese again whilst studying english in addition to way it was taught. an answer was found: we don’t like language because there is no challenge like maths or other subjects, it is boring! i can read, talk, write, and why ask me to memorize so many details and complicated thing!

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