David Yao

founder of legoo mandarin online learning school

I am David Yao, the founder of legoomandarin dot com and Education Video (Edeo dot biz ), born in china, resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, holding Master degree from university Malaya, have 20 years’ experience in mandarin teaching for foreigners. 
Teaching is also a process of learning, especially for me. I enjoy the teaching and always try to find the better solutions from outside perspective ( I am not trained as teacher). The online education is the one of trend which will shape our future education. Combining my Master degree in IT and my mandarin teaching experience, I am focusing on mandarin Chinese online teaching and created many unique methods. The Online Video courses solutions combines my past 22 years’ efforts. The current and upcoming more 100 courses will prove that I am the top gun in mandarin teaching to non-native learners. 

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