Larry Paul

Soccer coaching with a learning curriculum

Larry is the Program Director for the Chris Nedelcovych Soccer Foundation and is a leading advocate of small sided games. His work has been cited by United States Youth Soccer Association, the Canadian and numerous State Soccer Associations.

Working with the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association and youth clubs he has conducted thousands of training sessions and hundreds coaching courses, workshops, clinics and seminars. In addition to this practical experience he has also pushed on the theoretical boundaries of the game, coaching and education by continually looking for new ideas. His website ( workbook (Playing Better Soccer is More Fun-included in the course) and DVD (Street Soccer, An Introduction to Small Sided Games) have been recognized around the world.

He received US Soccer's A License, US Youth Soccer's National Youth License, the (English) Football Associations International Preliminary Award, the KNVB's Advanced Coaching Certificate and holds a Bachelors in Sport Studies from George Mason University. He has worked with some of the leading coaches in the game and is one of Americas most knowledgeable sources on the Dutch Vision.

This course has a strong emphasis on practical application. It is designed for immediate use in the field and the benefits for both the players and coaches become evident after just a few sessions.


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