Larry Hagner

Author, Speaker, Coach, and Podcaster

My name is Larry Hagner. I am an author, speaker, coach, and podcaster. I have been helping Dads for the past 3 years. I have written two books: "The Dad's Edge" and "The Top 5 Mistakes Dads Make and How to Avoid Them." My passion in life is being a Dad with Purpose. To be honest, I was terrible at it when I first became a Dad. Over the past several years, I have immersed myself into being a better dad, husband, and man. I have learned most Dads struggle with the same things I did. Most Dads struggle with: work/life balance, patience, trying to be everything to everyone, and connecting with their spouse and kids. I have developed 6 easy strategies and have had the privilege of helping thousands of Dads over the past several years.

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