Kyle Schaub

Software Engineer

My name is Kyle Schaub, and I'm a full-time software engineer in the aerospace industry with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

While pursuing my degree, I came across some software that was written in Lua, a scripting language which I hadn't heard of at the time. After looking through that project and seeing how the logic of Lua functioned, I knew it was a language I wanted to master. After many weeks of becoming familiar with this knew tool, I went on to apply this knowledge to developing games with LÖVE, an excellent game engine that utilizes code written with Lua. I have been using LÖVE extensively ever since, and it has become my personal favorite piece of open-source software. I wanted to spread the word about how excellent Lua and LÖVE are, as well as teach anyone who wants to learn more, so I developed the course "Lua Programming and Game Development with LÖVE".

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