Kieran McSherry

Business Coach/Entrepreneur

Business Coach/Entrepreneur

I was brought up in family businesses . At that time I was involved in marketing/sales and driving the business forward. I needed the financial side. I went on to university to study accountancy.

I qualified as a chartered accountant with PriceWaterHouseCoopers, (PWC) one of the leading accountancy practices in the world.

I worked internationally and locally to develop my business skills. This included time spent at Board level at Finance/Operations Director. In Operations I was in charge of increasing business and making it run well through sales/marketing/operations.

I ended up working at Board level with some fantastic business CEO's/business owners.

Then I created my own businesses.So I have a multi disciplinary skillset that can help build business, sell ,negotiate and I get the numbers very well.

Teaching to Students/Business people

I always kept in touch with my local university where I graduated in Ireland, where I started my accountancy studies. This came full circle, when I was excited to go back several times a year to teach business skills & finance. This teaching was to people from all different business backgrounds. From staff, managers, directors , business owners.

These included people who were working in business and need to know more to develop there career. It also include business owners who were interested in learning how to improve financial performance.

I really enjoyed this, having taught university students in accountancy, some years earlier.


To balance the time available for teaching I had, and their desire for more courses, I created a you tube channel. It has proved popular with 50,000 views in a few months since start up.

Alongside the teaching, the finance skill set all along the way has proved invaluable.

Overall, I do love creativity, and have come from a strong experience in business and finance. I try to help others as best I can in a affordable way who may not have access to these skills.


I have published 5 books in Business.


I am a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland. I qualified with an honors in my Accounting degree and went on to be selected to do a special postgraduate Diploma in Accounting at the University where I taught.

Learn From Quality Experts.

Do your best to find great mentors/experts. You will learn quicker. The best ones always find a way to make it interesting and easier .

They will focus on the important stuff for you.

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