Kimberley Corr

Teacher of Business to improve social problems

Kimberley loves business, but she loves it more when businesses improve the lives of people and communities all around the world. When businesses make a real positive difference to people and the planet, this is when Kimberley is most happy.

This passion for business mixed with social justice led Kimberley to not only learn about the topic of Social Enterprise, but to teach it too. Kimberley has taught the theory of Social Enterprise around a number of schools in Birmingham (UK) and helped hundreds of students put this theory into real practice and create a sustainable business of their own.

Having graduated from one of Europe’s Top 20 Business Schools; Aston Business School - Aston University, Kimberley went on to work for the UK’s National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education, working on a number of both national and international Entrepreneurship teaching programmes.

Currently Kimberley works for the British Government in the Department for Education.

Kimberley has also recently worked for an English Premier League Football (soccer) Club working on their community initiatives; programmes which help make a positive difference to people and the local community. This role further inspired Kimberley that business and social good can work together hand in hand. 

Through this role, Kimberley became an accredited Social Enterprise mentor.

Working in the fields of Marketing and PR has also allowed Kimberley to develop a sound understanding of the world of communications.

Teaching, business and social justice. Three things Kimberley would love to share with you. Feel free to drop her a message about any of her courses, she will more than happy to hear from you.

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