Kevin Kramer

Illustrator and educator

Kevin Kramer, a New Orleans born self-taught illustrator, began his career as a freelance artist and educator at a very young age.

As a child, he drew inspiration from Norman Rockwell paintings and spent hours drawing everything in sight—from movie posters to video game covers, in an effort to train his eye and steady his hand. As he grew older he began collaborating with other local young artists, drawing knowledge and inspiration from each partnership. He also began his journey on the competitive art circuit, placing in several local art and scholarship competitions.

In 2003, he relocated from his childhood home in Chalmette, Louisiana to Baton Rouge to expand his artistic horizons and gain more footing in the artistic community. He continued to collaborate with local artists and hone his skills in the years that followed, and in 2008 was chosen as a featured artist for the juried art exhibition, Art Melt. His work has been since been featured in numerous galleries throughout the state of Louisiana.

After several years of accomplished work and successful partnerships, Kevin decided to share the wealth of his collective knowledge, tips, and insights into the craft of illustration by founding his own drawing instruction website(see links). Through his website Kramer hopes to help other budding artists hone their craft, as well as help the average individual tap into their creative psyche.

He now resides in Austin, Texas where he continues to push his artistic limits, expand his artistic skill set, and collaborate with local artists. His work has been commissioned by several local businesses, including before + after fashion boutique, and The Gehrig Co. Design Firm. He also continues to travel the competitive art circuit, and has been featured in two highly prestigious art publications in 2011, Art Buzz: The 2011 Collection and Strokes of Genius 3: The Best of Drawing.

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