Kevin Flanagan

Researcher and Teacher at Brehon Law Academy

Hi and thanks for checking out my profile and course!

I'm delighted to have this opportunity to finally make these courses widely available online.

Having presented earlier versions at live events in Ireland, I wanted to make them available for everyone who wants to learn more about this fascinating area of study.

My series of courses cover a wide range of topics relating to Ancient Irish Culture and Society, ranging from its Customs and Social Structures, its advanced legal system of Brehon Laws, to its Mythologies and ancient Legends ripe with heroes, maidens and magic.

With an Academic Background in Law, I was first driven to take up this subject by a desire for greater social justice. My favorite subjects were Jurisprudence and Comparative Law, as they taught me how to view law, justice and society 'outside-the-box'.

Earlier academic experience includes basic certificate levels in: History, Classical Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, and Literature.

I was inspired when, in 2009, I first learned about Ireland's native system of justice. Realizing that it still had many lessons to teach us today, I devoted my attention to learning more about it.

During my studies I completed a thesis arguing for reform of the prison system based on the principles derived from Ireland's laws and customs. In 2012, I presented these views at Trinity College Dublin's Law Colloquium, in addition to being awarded 'Best Academic Performance' for that year. In 2013, I was a guest speaker of the first Conference on Early Irish Law at Maynooth University, Kildare, and earlier this year I gave a presentation at the traditional BĂ©altaine Fire Festival (May 2015).

Since graduating with my Degree in 2013 I have continued and broadened my research into Irish cultural heritage and the courses on offer are developed to guide you through step-by-step logical progression so that you get a really good grasp of all the topics covered.

I invite you to check out my courses and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Is mise le meas (I am with respect),

Kevin Flanagan.

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