Kenny Media

Creating Courses for Accelerated Learners.

Kenny Media is a brand focused on making courses for accelerated learners. Our goal is to create courses that combine the best content with the best teaching so that you can learn things faster and implement them in your life. To make the best content, we start by looking for the best systems and frameworks so that everything makes sense in the big picture. Once we've sorted out the high level frameworks, we look for ways to help you implement the ideas with printable diagrams, exercises and useful tools. Once the content is done, we look for the best way to teach the ideas, by explaining everything in plain English and avoiding jargon. We also use metaphors and analogies to help you understand complex concepts, as well as providing examples and real life stories so the ideas stick long term. Our belief is that the recipe of high quality systematic content combined with high quality teaching that explains things in easy to understand language is the key to accelerated learning.

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