Keiko Yamamoto

Japanese Chef & Sushi instructor at Sushi Queen London

Keiko is the Evangelist of Sushi, and she has passion for cooking, and creating, and teaching how to make Sushi.

She'd like to share her sushi & Japanese culinary skills with students at Udemy

Her work as a Sushi Chef has landed her partnerships with some of the most prestigious restaurants in London UK.

And she was featured by UK TV Channel 4 for a new Food TV program Food Chain - the journey to the cantre of your plate in 2016

She is the brains and talent behind Sushi Queen. Her expertise and knowledge of Sushi, Teppanyaki, and Sake far surpasses. For over a decade she has inspired and impressed her clients across the globe and has traveled to many corporate and entertainment events for her work. She offers exclusive Sushi and Teppanyaki cookery classes, and bespoke catering and also holds Sake tastings for both private and corporate events.

She worked for Benihanna, Matsuri, The Colony Club, Ozu County Hall, AAYA, and the Kingly club-kiyashii restaurant, Inamo, Sakeno hana, and Gordon Ramsey restaurant.

Keiko has also had the opportunity to cook for several big named celebrities such as Super model Karen Mulder, and entertainers like the band Oasis, Devon Aoki, Geri Halliwell Spice Girl, Pat Kensit, Roger Moore, Chelsea footballers, Simon Jordon, Boy Zone …She even had the honor of cooking for the producer of the big hit Ocean's Eleven movie, Jerry Weintraub. When the best are looking for the best Teppanyaki Chef, they come to Keiko

Keiko has passion for food, innovative food creation, cooking, and teaching has led her to become a leader in healthy Japanese cooking. She expertly combines traditional techniques with modern flair to develop the best tasting Japanese food in the world.

As she continues to gain more experience, she is honing her skills to create better tasting and healthier Japanese cuisine for the industry. This is one of her greatest accomplishments. Her goal is to continue educating and sharing her knowledge and skills with both her clients and her colleagues. She strives for perfection no matter who her client is. She offers this information through her at home sushi and sake tasting parties where clients can learn firsthand how to prepare tasty sushi at home.

As a teacher, Keiko approaches her students in a friendly and patient tone always ready to provide exquisite advice whenever they may need it. She also understands there is an art to sushi and it can take many years to perfect this unique preparation of food. But her love for teaching makes it easy for her to provide clear instructions. Students are thrilled to participate in her incredible and informative classes, and enjoy every second of their time spent with her. "

The feedback from these lessons has been phenomenal. She builds confidence in her students and provides them with basic techniques that will stick with them forever giving them the gift of sushi.

Happy sushi making!

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