Kaleb Marquis

Division 1 Athlete and Trainer

Kaleb Marquis was a Division 1 basketball player who attended Long Island University, which is apart of the Northeastern Conference. Being only 5 feet 10 inches tall, Kaleb always struggled with the vertical aspect of basketball. He then had one-on-one training with track Olympian Richard James in vertical jump training as well as strength and conditioning training while in college. He was able to take his athleticism to new heights through this Vertical Jump Training Program.

Kaleb began his training early on in high school where he researched and practiced several popular vertical training programs on the market. Kaleb gained inches to his vertical, as well as knowledge of what it takes to become athletic. His hard work and dedication showed on the basketball court where he became one of only eleven basketball players to score 1,000 career points while attending Concord High School, a division 1 high school apart of the NHIAA.

Kaleb was then able to take his athleticism and basketball career to the next level where he earned a spot on the roster of the division 1 basketball program at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY. It was at this college where Kaleb was able to expand on his knowledge of vertical jump training by working with other division 1 athletes as well as track Olympian Richard James.

Kaleb not only has the knowledge of what it takes to increase your vertical and overall athleticism, but also was able to put that knowledge to the test and is a walking example of what this training can do for you.

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