Kailee Sisson

Women's Weight Loss Expert

Kailee Sisson was 50lbs overweight before she decided to turn her life around. Not even stepping foot into a gym until she was in college, Kailee quickly fell in love with running & the fitness community. After only 8 months of running, Kailee completed her first full marathon & has conquered 2 fulls and 6 half marathons in the last few years. 

When she was running 8+ hours per week while she was training, Kailee was burning thousands of calories--but still had issues keeping her body fat low. She was only netting (daily food -- daily workout) about 1,300 calories per day, which isn't a lot for a competitive runner. After deciding she was unhappy with the way that she looked & was done being skinny fat, she started lifting weights. 

The picture of her on the right is her only 4 weeks after she started lifting weights, eating 1,000 calories MORE per day, and cut her total running time to less than 1 hour per week. That's her at the exact SAME WEIGHT!


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