Pixtant LLC

App Developer with a Quarter Million+ Downloads in 6 months

Justin Malik and Lee Rankinen are the founders of MoneyFromApps.com. They launched Pixtant, an iOS and Android social polling application, in February 2013. After receiving nearly a quarter million downloads on iOS alone in roughly 6 months, Justin and Lee decided to step it up a knotch by creating apps that deliver a fast and healthy return on their investments. Justin, who rarely used a Mac, took less than a week to learn enough about XCode to release their first reskin of a source code. Within only a couple of months, Pixtant LLC had over 15 apps in the App Store. Currently, they have over 50 apps live in the App Store.

Justin manages MoneyFromApps marketing, technical development, and finances. In 2010, he graduated from the 20-month MBA program at Pepperdine University with a full scholarship alongside his soon-to-be business partner, Lee. Lee currently manages corporate strategy and business development.

Together, they continue to grow their business, learning more and more every step of the way, and documenting results on MoneyFromApps.com. After receiving lots of interest, they decided to offer Udemy courses to show how easy it is to reskin an iOS app from start to finish.

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