Justin Fraction

Voice Over Actor

Justin Fraction is a voice over actor who worked with several major brands and most recently for: Johnson and Johnson, Jiffy Lube, Liberty Mutual, McDonalds, Highmark & Hewlett Packard. He has worked on everything from commercials and smart phone apps to The New Testament. He is also currently the voice of two radio stations and provides the daily voice for a popular sports website previously featured in Sports Illustrated and Time Magazine.

Justin attented school at Penn State University where he studied film and video production. Following that, he has worked for ESPN, ABC Disney and VH-1 in television production. He credits his background for providing him with a firm understanding of: running up and down a football field behind a camera, guarding craft services tables, carrying large pieces of very expensive equipment back and forth, running through doorways holding large stacks of tapes, editing things at 4 AM on no sleep, not burning himself on hot lights, not electrocuting himself with wires and of course keeping cool under pressure and tight deadlines.

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