Justin Light

Author, Blogger, Vlogger, Traveller and Video Trainer

Founder of Inky n the Brain, a mind hacks and youth motivational website, I am passionate about empowering people to discover their identity and shape their dream.

With a following and reader base of over 5000 people worldwide, I have helped countless people to become more inspired, learn more about their deep inner self and challenge them to pursue their deepest fantasies.

As a video trainer and life coach, I specialise in:

- Dream building

- Purposeful living

- True self

- Mindset training

- Motivation

I am addicted to backpacking and travelling all over the world. Now after finding and achieving my own dream, I run my online motivational business from my laptop while backpacking from country to country.

I am looking forward to changing and sculpting your life so you wake up with the same satisfaction and same passion I feel at the start of each day.

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