Jesus Calimlim Angeles Jr.

Systems Engineer

My goal, is to enable you to score as high as you can on your test.

If your goal is to score 100%, my practice tests will definitely help you to reach that goal.

I know what it takes to pass certification exams, and I apply that knowledge and experience on all products that I make.

I am an Oracle, IBM, PMI and Spring-certified professional.

I have worked with Spring, Java, and SQL widely in more than 10 years, in banking and biometric applications.

When not dealing with software applications, I like watching Seinfeld, David Letterman and Home Improvement, and listening to Metallica.   I also meditate twice a day  (see "mum dot edu", where I attended a master's degree course, for good immersion on meditation and world-class education).

(FYI, if you are looking for other practice tests like "Pivotal Certified Spring Professional (Spring 5.0) - Practice Tests", please visit my website at "itestjava dat com.")

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