K Marcel

Linguist and ESL Instructor


I am your instructor, Joyce Marcel. I am a native speaker of American English, and I have been teaching English as a Second Language for over 20 years. I have taught students from ages 4 to 64, from Ukraine to Brazil, in elementary school, secondary school, in corporate settings, and in the college classroom. I have also lived abroad and had to master a foreign language myself, so I understand the challenges and rewards in language and culture study.

My academic credentials include: a Bachelor’s degree in English (with a minor in French) and a Master’s degree in Linguistics (with an endorsement in TESOL). Because my graduate degree is in Linguistics, you will see that my approach to teaching and learning language is quite different from other, TESOL, instructors. I focus heavily on learning to recognize patterns—in all areas of the language, including sound systems, syntax, use of tenses, and writing conventions—so that my students learn not only HOW to use the language like a native, but also WHY we use it the way that we do. My specialization is syntax, sentence structure, so you will see that put into use whether you are studying a grammar class or an idioms class with me. In other words, with me, you will not only learn to understand meanings; you will acquire the material and make it part of your own linguistic stock.

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