Joseph A. Laronge

Trial / Appellate Attorney and Adjunct Law School Professor

Joseph has been a trial and appellate attorney for nearly 40 years. His trials have included complex valuation cases involving companies such as Delta Airlines, Union Pacific Railroad, Hewlett-Packard, and other large transportation companies, utilities, and major industrial corporations. He has also practiced in the areas of law enforcement, criminal defense, and general practice.

Periodically, he balances his litigation work teaching Advanced Argumentation and Legal Research & Writing as an Adjunct Law School Professor (Lewis & Clark Law School and Willamette University Law School).

He has also been an Associate of Austhink (see:, specialists in the use of argument mapping and other techniques of visual deliberation to improve reasoning.

Finally, he is a published author in two peer-reviewed Oxford Journals (The Journal of Logic & Computation and Law, Probability & Risk) and presented a paper for the 13th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the Law (ICAIL 2011) AI & Evidential Inference Workshop.

In his mission to develop new tools and theoretical concepts for making and learning to construct clear logical practical arguments easier and fail-safe, he has enormously benefited from the support and encouragement of leaders in the Argumentation field such as Professors Tim van Gelder, Peter Tillers, Douglas Walton, David Hitchcock, and John Woods.

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