Jyoti Sawant

Cookbook Author, Culinary Instructor, Director Visualomics

Hello everyone, I am Jyoti Sawant, a cookbook author, culinary instructor, magazine editor, recipe maker, food photographer and above all, an enthusiastic explorer of everything culinary.

Growing up in India, I experienced culture first hand from all corners of this beautiful country. My dad was in the army, and my childhood was spent in places such as beautiful hilly Ladakh in the northern part of India, Agra, home of the exquisite Taj Mahal, and Kolhapur and Pune, the cities of Marathas and Maharajas, warriors of their times, and then Mumbai - the modern metropolitan city where cultures from all over India blend in a melting pot. Then I landed up in Houston, where Hispanic and American cultures converge seamlessly.

I learnt my art of cooking from my mother at a very early age. My mother passed on her experience and her prized family recipes to me, and I’ve blended that with culinary experiences gathered from my journeys across the world.

My education has been in economics and information technology- I hold master’s degrees in each. I have been quite fascinated by the culinary world and with the opportunity of spreading its richness to the world. My experience includes successfully running a food recipe website that has 100's of recipes in a easy to follow step by step format that has provided proven gratification to hundreds of followers, a full-color food magazine ( in print) that went out to thousands of Houston families, management experience in property and multi-family housing, and marketing experience in social media and segmented marketing specifically to Millennials and GenX/Y.

So here I am, excited and delighted to share my knowledge of Indian cooking with you. Here I will teach you how to cook authentic Indian food in the comfort of your own home.

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