Jason Liem

Leadership & Communication Coach


The reason I founded MINDtalk (MT) in 2001 was a strong desire to help people to work through their professional and private problems, while at the same time giving them the knowledge, the skills and the self-confidence to be able to manage new problems as they arise.

MT believes everyone has the ability to control the brain’s over-reactive strategies to potential threats by simply understanding some of the fundamentals of how their brain works. MT believes everyone can find a sense of confidence, certainty and clarity when facing their own personal or professional storms and to effectively move forward and grow.

MT believes people find clearer insight and objectivity when they have the chance to articulate their thoughts into concrete words through constructive dialogue.


MT helps individual and groups to achieve this by informing and educating it’s clients about the brain, and then translating that understanding into a set of simple and effective techniques and tools. MT reaches out through the traditional platforms of individual and group coaching, workshops and speaking engagements. MT also engages people through social media and blogging.


The result of MT’s engagement and the efforts of our clients are people who are able to bounce back from life’s inevitable set-backs. Our clients are able to face their professional and private challenges and problems with more confidence, more certainty and more clarity.

The confidence comes from understanding that they do not have to blindly-react to the brain’s survival strategies, but that they have a choice and can ‘tame & train’ their brain to employ more proactive and constructive strategies to deal with potential threats. The certainty comes from the confidence of knowing what they need to do in order to manage the situation. The clarity comes from engaging the part of the brain that allow us to be objective, reflective and decisive.