Jo Hughes

Fashion and Retail Software Solutions Expert

With a background in fashion design and technology, I have been lucky enough to have spent the last twelve years travelling the world working with some of the biggest names in fashion and retail, implementing and training fashion technology solutions. I have become an expert in Adobe Illustrator for fashion design, 3D garment design and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). When implemented and trained correctly all of these solutions help fashion retailers get products to market quicker and more efficiently with less costly mistakes making them invaluable to the industry today.

Many fashion students are graduating knowing nothing or little about these applications that are so critical to the product development process. One of the main complaints from fashion retailers and brands are that graduates lack key skills required by industry. Because the learning curve for these applications can be steep, and there are so many skills that fashion students need to acquire it is very difficult for universities to provide comprehensive training in everything within their fashion design programs.

There are also many people working in the industry today that have received little formal training on these applications. For example many fashion designers may use Adobe Illustrator but do not adhere to any drawing standards or best practises so have problems such as not being able to easily edit each other's drawings, create colourways quickly or create reusable components properly, making them inefficient. When designers, buyers or merchandisers want to perhaps start a new job, if that company is already using PLM, it can be very daunting to suddenly find you are expected to adopt an entirely new way of working if your previous company didn't work this way.

I am passionate about how creative IT applications can support both the creative design and product development process and now want to be able to share my skills and experience with students worldwide.

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