Jack Sullivan

Comedian-Writer-Educator-Web Technologist & Worker Bee

Comedian-Writer-Entertainer-Educator-Web Technologist & Worker Bee

Jack Sullivan studied Dramatic Writing at Carnegie Mellon University under master American playwright Milan Stitt (The Runner Stumbles) and screenwriter Jeff Monahan (George Romero's Deadtime Stories) with classmates that went on to find success including Kourtney Kang (How I Met Your Mother) and Roger Rudick (Story of a Comfort Girl). Plays were workshopped through Carnegie Mellon University's legendary undergraduate acting school, a group of young talent including the likes of Joe Manganiello (True Blood) and Zach Quinto (Star Trek). He was blessed to have an opportunity to work with such a talented group!

In 2000, Mr. Sullivan earned his Master of Fine Arts Degree in Dramatic Writing, turning in a thesis that exceeded two-thousand and two-hundred pages worth of plays, screenplays, episodic television drafts, series bibles, outlines, treatments and scriptments.

Jack moved to Los Angeles in the fall of 2000 with a deal to write an action movie for Brad Krevoy at the MPCA (Motion Picture Corporation of America). He subsequently worked for several years in CBS Radio's talk division at 97.1 FM, KLSX, where he produced over 300 hours of online entertainment including live streaming events and scripted reality shorts under the supervision of the award-winning radio programming team of Jack Silver, Rich Boerner and Ron Escarsega.

Mr. Sullivan brought scripted reality-style entertainment to the web for the first time using Los Angeles talk radio legends like Conway & Steckler, Danny Bonaduce, Adam Carolla, Sam Phillips, Leo Quinones and Tom Leykis.

Mr. Sullivan performs as a stand-up comic in and around Los Angeles, has worked as a ghostwriter for multiple independent feature film projects and currently works for NATPE, the National Association of Television Program Executives, as their Web and Digital Media Support person. NATPE is a trade organization in service to the business of television and executes conferences twice a year for the industry elite to gather, discuss trends and problems facing the business, and buy and sell content. His position at NATPE grants him unique insights into the entertainment business, current pop culture and major trends associated with the businesses of radio, television and theater. 

He continues to follow his passion by writing his own original plays, performing stand-up comedy and Improv Acting, teaching and producing independent projects.

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