John Hoeft

Photographer / Instructor

I have been hooked on photography for over 30+ years. For the last 9 years I have been shooting professionally. I enjoy shooting fashion, glamor, travel, and portrait photography. I also conduct live workshops when my schedule allows.

In the typical left brain / right brain way of separating people I have found that there are two generally two types of successful photographers. Artistic photographers that see the image before they take it and Technical photographers that right away spot the challenge that a scene will present and formulate a plan to best capture that scene. There are of course hybrids of these two as I believe we are all trying to be masters of both in today's digital photography age. I tend to be a more technical photographer that is always looking to improve my artistic side of my passion. I have worked with a number of students that struggle sometimes with the ever evolving technology that is digital photography today. I believe this is one of the places I really enjoy being more of a technical photographer as it allows me to share my knowledge in a way that can better help them achieve their vision. I really enjoy conveying what I have learned to other people through my live workshop and now through my online courses.

I am a long time shooter of Canon cameras but have also realized long ago that it is nothing more than a tool and like any tool in the right hands it can do magic. So as far as camera brands go I am agnostic and believe it is more the person behind the camera that makes the difference between images and art.

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