John W. Tanner, M.S.

"Excellence in Real Estate"


Hello Folks,

Thank you for visiting my profile page. To begin with, my journey in real estate began way back in 1994, while I was in the Army Reserves. I had been away from home on active duty, basically taking an EMT/Paramedic pre-LPN certification program at the Army Academy of Health Sciences in San Antonio, Texas. I knew it was a fast track to become an Army Officer, and the benefits would be great, but I quickly realized that the medical profession was not for me. So I did some soul searching and kept thinking of this book that I had read called Financial Genius by Mark Haroldson. In it,  he told the story of Conrad Hilton and how he got started in real estate by purchasing a couple of mobile homes while in college, then subsequently building up his famous hotel empire! I was hooked! Since then, I have had the privilege of working as a sales agent, residential & commercial appraiser, licensed mortgage broker, and I currently have the blessing and privilege of studying real estate law.


I worked as a real estate appraiser from February, 2002 to late November, 2010, owning 3 boutique appraisal firms from 2004-2010. Our team conducted over $500 million worth of residential and commercial property valuations, and I held licenses in Florida, Georgia, and Texas, was an Associate Member of The Appraisal Institute, and a member of four real estate boards.

Following the "Great Recession," I was forced to wind down my business affairs and made my segue into teaching, and have spent the last 8 years working in K-12 education, primarily as an English Language Arts Teacher, along with ancillary duties that included: Department Chair, Title I Coordinator, SIP Development Writer, and Drama Club Director.


In 2008, I returned to Miami Dade College to finish my A.A. degree (14 years after my start date - how embarrassing!) After that, I enrolled at FIU and took a lot of courses to finish my bachelor's degree, focusing on education, literature, and computer science, and subsequently earning my degree from Excelsior College in February, 2011. 

In the fall of 2011, I began pursuing a master's degree in hospitality management at FIU, graduating in May of 2015. And I finally received admission to law school that fall! My dream was finally coming true! Today, I am currently a 2L at Florida Coastal School of Law and my areas of focus include commercial real estate (of course), franchise and corporate law. 

Aside from all of this education and business chops, I think I have a creative personality and must confess that I've also dabbled in acting (theatre and film), music (saxophone, piano, and guitar), and creative writing. 

When I'm not studying (which is most of the time these days) or working (whether filling in as a substitute teacher or consulting with someone about their real estate concerns), you can usually find me delving into social media at the local Panera, definitely reading something on FB or creating a new blog post and now, new Udemy Real Estate Courses. Yes!! ;-)

Other favorite hangouts: The Ritz, Tilted Kilt, The Pub, Maggiano's, Mimi's, Blackfinn, and Seven Bridges (shooting a game of pool).

Mission Statement:

"To be the most trusted adviser to each one of my clients, to be their source for solutions, to provide genuine heartfelt service, to always provide my clients with a constant hopefulness that we will meet their goals and objectives, to guide them to what’s in their best interests, and to make myself incomparable to my competition."


"Excellence in Real Estate!

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