John Keating

Language Coach and Examinations Consultant

I live and work in Shanghai and I have been in China for over 5 years. In that time I have been working as an English teacher, language coach and language examinations consultant. In school I studied Irish for 11 years and German for 5. I sucked! Like many people I felt I was just terrible at learning languages and felt as though it was something I could never do. After my first few months in China not bothering to learn more than a few words I decided to give language learning one last try. This time I did some research about language learning, tried a lot of different methods and stuck with the ones that worked. Since then language learning has become my favourite hobby. I can now speak Chinese and Spanish despite (or because of) the fact that I haven't attended language classes. I have already passed level 6, the highest level, of the HSK Chinese test for foreigners.

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