Joe Syversen


Hi! I'm Joe. I am a Master NLP Practitioner and have successfully gone through Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention coaching, so you might call me a self-help hacker. After traveling for 2 years, learning about self-development just for fun, I soon got hooked up on how I can use this knowledge to improve from an average Joe to a master of my own mind and emotions. I went from living a life in reaction, smoking, drinking, low self-esteem, no respect of my body and my potential, to eliminating old emotional, mental and physical habits. Because of this I attracted the woman of my dreams and I am now a proud father of two wonderful children.

I'm passionate about teaching others these simple but powerful tools to breakthrough any negative habits that might be stopping them from getting more out of life and fulfilling their potential.

My mission is to give people the skills they need to build the life they deserve and code each experience in a positive way for long-term self-development and growth. I run my own company as a Mind Trainer and Lifestyle Coach where I help people 1 to 1 or through group workshops. This gives me strong foundations to share the most effective and efficient ways to increase the value of people like you.

You wouldn't believe the freedom that being a mind self-hacker offers – to gain control over your life experiences and move pain free and determined in any direction. Sign up and find out for yourself how you can use these simple tools to design yourself.

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