joe du fore

Owner - Newline.Education

Joe Du Fore, Director of Digital Education at Wisconsin Lutheran College, started his educational career as a Biology and mathematics teacher in Appleton Wisconsin. While teaching at the high school level, he became interested in Digital Communications and digital design. These two passions soon lead him down the path of focusing on all things digital; designing websites, teaching about SMARTboards, and developing digital books.This love for digital goods and educational design created a natural bridge into the online learning arena, where Joe found himself designing and maintaining multiple learning management systems, including a self designed and developed online MOOC management system – launching the first of its kind, user-dictated online SMARTboard course.For the next couple of years he focused on rich digital media, animation and videography, opening Du4 Communications in 2009. In 2010 Joe started Digital Publishing House LLC, launching into the world of digital children's books, flash media and mobile application production. After working in the online learning arena and the digital publishing area for some time, he soon became immersed in instructional design and wholesale digital educational integration for campuses, large and small. This change brought Joe to Wisconsin Lutheran College, where he oversees both the online learning and the digital education integration throughout the campus. He currently specialize digital instruction integration with areas of expertise in mobile learning, cloud computing, instructional design, digital literacies, Google Apps, social media, differentiated instruction, brain based technologies, interactive whiteboards, digital publications and resources, open content, online learning, and digital pedagogy. Joe enjoys speaking engagements, helping teacher identify ways to best incorporate technology, and working with schools to best integrate technologies into their classrooms.