Joe Hicken

Your No-Nonsense Fitness Instructor

Based on the experience and the knowledge I gained through my transformation, I have created a no-nonsense, result-oriented, simple, easy-to-follow fitness and nutrition program for everyone.

Here Is My Story

I had a rough start. I have always wanted to be an elite athlete - play basketball, run track, etc. But I had a heart problem that prohibited me from gaining any sort of muscle. For years I struggled, thinking that I might never be able to achieve my dreams. I worked hard, tried all sorts of fitness programs (there is so much false information out there that is non-sense), I ate tons, tried different results.

I thought I was doomed because of genetics and my health problems, but when you really want something, you don't give up. A thought occurred to me one day, my challenge was merely an obstacle.

I began noticing patterns, specific things all people who are successful in making/keeping their body in top condition do. I started studying the hard science behind their methods. As I wrote down all my findings, I saw the simplicity in them. However, I was skeptical. So, I started experimenting with these methods in my own life. To my disbelief, I saw some results in a matter of days, and noticeable results in weeks. This program I've developed isn't an overnight transformation system. It will require consistent, hard work over time.

The photo you saw above shows the difference of 45 pounds of muscle that I gained in a little over 1 year of closely following these patterns I found.

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