Joe Cotellese

Founder @Sharey (

My first professional job involved playing video games for 9 hours a day. After the first signs of brain rot, I decided to teach myself how to write software.

I'd like to say my entire career is characterized by this “why not?” attitude.

Over the last 20 years I've worked with a range of companies - from pre-investment startups to large corporations - to bring high-tech consumer products to life. 

Much of my recent focus is in product management and product marketing with a concentration on SaaS, iOS and Android product development. I'm also well versed in product lifecycle management, product roadmaps, product positioning, business models, product requirements documents, user stories, UX and interaction design.

Throughout the course of my career I've either directly managed, launched, or developed software for the following:

- An online video advertising network
- An interactive music video network
- A 3D body scanning system to help women find great fitting clothes
- Video set top boxes for hotel pay-per-view services
- A personal video recorder akin to TiVo
- Audio sound cards for the music and video game industry
- A SaaS marketing automation platform that helps businesses connect with their customers

I'm currently the founder of a SaaS company Sharey, a social selling tool that lets you add a call to action to any link you share through social media.

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