Joakim Wassberg

Professional Programming Instructor

Joakim has been a professional programmer for 20+ years. Even though he might say that his native language is C++ he has used a number of languages such as Java, C#, Assembler, PHP, JavaScript, Python, ActionScript, Visual Basic, and C to mention a few. He has experience as a self-employed programming consultant, method specialist in the financial sector, and programmer for secure financial transactions.

Ever since 1991 he has been teaching programming in one form or the other. He has been teaching kids how to take their first steps as programmers as well as teaching object oriented programming to Ukrainian university professors. He has been teaching graphics programming in C++ at an Indian university.

Joakim lives with his family in Sweden and is right now giving courses for professional developers in the telecom sector as well as giving longer courses at a polytechnic programming education.

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