Jimmy Razo

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A Math Lover!! I have been an Math Trainer from the day my uncle introduce me to Vedic Math and this technique had made math a child's play. You may not believe me i was also afraid of mathematics it was a nightmare for me i use to run away from that subject, i used to feel like killing the founder of mathematics but we all know math is founded by whole world and not a single man so killing become a bit complex job :-) Well jokes apart.

I have trained students who used to fear from Maths and now are active participant in the Math Contest conducted all around the world

I am also a Entrepreneur as we all know in today's world of intense competition its is indeed difficult to earn livelihood from one source of income so i have also developed few other business which are really giving me a descent amount of money on a consistent basis, soon i would also be introducing a course to you about those business and describing insight of it

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