Jim Weber

Pay-Per-Click Marketer

I am a 15-year media & digital marketing veteran. A 2004 graduate of the University of Michigan, my first job after college was as an NBC page — yes, like "Kenneth the page" from 30 Rock. 

That led to a career in sports journalism that included jobs as a researcher at CBS Sports Network, online producer for NBC Sports and fact-checker for ESPN the Magazine.

In 2009, I launched a college sports website called Lost Lettermen. Over the next five years, I operated and managed the site, growing it to an audience of nearly 1 million page views per day before selling it to tech entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk in 2015.

The biggest key to my success growing and selling Lost Lettermen was pay-per-click advertising in the form of Facebook and Google advertisements. 

As a result, I have formed a company, Weber PPC, that consults companies on how to properly implement pay-per-click marketing to their business, product or service.

In order to spread the gospel of PPC and teach as many people as possible about the advantages of pay-per-click marketing, I have also created this online course as a way to introduce people to this revolutionary concept, as well as an explanation for why & how small businesses and entrepreneurs can implement it themselves.

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