Jim Gribble


I have served as an elementary school teacher for 8 years in public, public/charter and private schools. I grew up in small towns all over the U.S.A. I moved from London, UK to San Francisco, CA, my 20th move, to teach students how to write, type and code their own innovative stories and video games at a school started by the Chief Scientist of Twitter. I wrote the Scratch coding curriculum from scratch and led professional development on elementary school coding with teachers.

My students created Rube Goldberg machines and used design thinking to create new products. My students put on an art sale for Action Against Hunger and learned about hunger issues facing children around the world. They coded an advertisement for this which was broadcast to the whole school and they sold out in 15 minutes.

I am pursuing a Ph.D programs in education and started a tutoring service focused on teaching children how to code stories and video games. I enjoy traveling, boogie boarding and reading in my free time.

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