Jen Puzio, Certified Personal Trainer

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I am passionate about inspiring and teaching others about health and fitness.  As a NASM certified personal trainer, I love to share my knowledge showing others how to live a healthy lifestyle.  

Growing up in New Jersey, I was an active child and participated in athletics.  I spent my summer days and school afternoons either playing outside or running around a soccer field.  Life has changed since then and society in general spends more time inside on technology.  Along with that has been an increase in child and adult obesity and a less emphasis on exercise.  I want to help change that.  We have one life, one body to take care of and we need to value ourselves enough to do so.  

Often people lack knowledge of how to train, pair exercises or need help with selecting healthy foods in a grocery store.  I want to make that process easier by providing information, resources, training plans, nutrition guidance and explain the reasons why being fit and healthy is so important.  My goal is to educate and change lifestyles!

As a graduate of East Stroudsburg University, I have a B.S. in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training.  I have experience working with athletes of all ages caring for and preventing injuries.  

I also have a B.S. from Frostburg State University where I studied Health and Physical Education Teaching and have teaching and coaching experience at levels K-12.  

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer mainly focusing on online training programs for people.  I also have a M.S. degree from Towson University in Applied Informational Technology and work for the government supervising IT teams.

I was a NCAA Division II collegiate soccer player, triathlete and runner for many years.  I earned my "D" Coaching License for soccer and enjoyed coaching soccer for many years.  Now, I currently spend my free time in the gym lifting weights and creating online courses.

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