Dr. Jeff Grover

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Dr. Jeff Grover has a Doctor of Business Administration in Finance and is founder and chief research scientist at Grover Group, Inc. (GGI) where he specializes in Bayes’ Theorem and its application through Bayesian belief networks (BBN) to strategic economic decision-making (BayeSniffer.com). At GGI, he specializes in blending economic theory and BBN to maximize stakeholder wealth. He is a winner in the Kentucky Innovation Award Winner (2015) for the application of his proprietary BBN big data algorithm. He has operationalized BBN in the healthcare industry, evaluating the Medicare “Hospital Compare” data; in the Department of Defense, conducting research with U.S. Army Recruiting Command to determine optimal levels of required recruiters for recruiting niche market medical professionals; and in the agriculture industry in optimal soybean selection. In the area of economics, he was recently contracted by the Department of Energy, The Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC Management and Operating Contractor for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, to conduct a 3rd party evaluation of the Hydrogen Financial Analysis Scenario (H2FAST) Tool (2015).

Jeff received his Doctors of Business Administration in Finance from NOVA Southeastern (2003), MBA from ERAU (1997), and a BS in Math from Mobile College (1987).

Jeff has published his recent book, A Manual for Strategic Economic Decision-Making: Using Bayesian Belief Networks to Make Complex Decisions (Springer, 2016), which is an extension of his original book, Strategic Economic Decision-Making: Using Bayesian Belief Networks to Make Complex Decisions with SpringerBriefs (2013). Also, he has published in the Journal of Wealth Management, the Journal of Business and Leadership; Research, Practice, and Teaching, and the Journal of Business Economics Research. Recently, He was a guest speaker at the MORS Conference in Washington, DC (12/2014) where he gave a presentation on the application of BBN in the area of terrorism.

Dr. Grover is a father of Rebecca Tabb and Jeffrey S. Grover Jr. and is also a retired US Army Special Forces officer.





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