Javier Cabello

Soccer coach

I´m a Spanish soccer coach. I have journalism degree and Sports Scients degree. During the Sports Scients degree I got Pro license coach. When I was 21 I started to work like a coach in different Soccer Clubs in Spain.

Later, I had the chance to work for Villarreal CF, where I was for 10 years. In this club, I could work in several fields of professional soccer. In training area, where I was Under 15th Training Coordinator. Then, I was Head Coach during 4 years until I performed a job in Scouting Area. I was Head Scout of Youth Teams including the Second Team of the club. Besides, I was First Team reporter during the UEFA Champions League on 2005-2006, and Primera Division League on 2006-2007.

Later, I worked for Valencia CF, where I was Head Director of Soccer Academy. This gave me the opportunity of bring together all the knowledge of different areas of the soccer. After this period, I´ve been working like professional Head Coach for different clubes in Spain like CD Cieza and CD Castellón (former Primera Division).

Finally, I´ve worked implementing a Training Soccer Coaches program for the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Georgia.

At the end, the experience in several fields of professional soccer, like Head Coach, Head Scout, and Head Director,is the most value that I consider of my career , because gives me a global vision of this sport.

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