Jacob Mefford

Expert Entrepreneur & Coach!

First off let's be real what can I do for you and why you should listen to me. I made $115,000 my first year ($2,400 per week) buying & selling gift cards from home working part time, and I'll show you exactly how to do the same!!

More about me if you care to know...

I grew up in Texas then moved to Southern California to chase my entrepreneurial dreams. I became free within a few years met my amazing wife & we started playing! We've been blessed to travel & just enjoy life for years. It's been an awesome time:). We now have an amazing little boy with another on the way, we've settled down and are back into the trenches with our entrepreneurial ventures to take it to the next level. We're motivated with the vision of legacy. We're in the midst of the worst economic times since the great depression & it excites me more than ever because the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world is taking place right now, but only for those that understand the rules to the game. It saddens me to see how many people don't understand those rules, but that's what motivates me. I absolutely love to coach people on those rules & how to become free.

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