Iyad Horani

Animator, Mobile Developer, Fluent in Gossip.

Digital media technical specialists in the mobile advertising field. Working in one of the fastest growing industries in the digital world, building pipelines, developing games and apps, doing 3D animation and visual effects.

Core Skills:

  • Fast keyboard Typer
  • Amazing search abilities with Google
  • Ability to predict Google Search Results
  • Can walk on both legs
  • Does not snore when sleeping after lunch
  • Ability to read time from a hand clock
  • Ability to look interested and Smart in dire situations
  • Great team player and s*** stirrer
  • Fluent in gossip
  • Grave communication skills
  • Mentally sane(ish)

Specialties:Mobile Game Development, Mobile Rich Media Campaigns, iOS App Development, iOS Enterprise App Development, Consulting, Mobile Strategy, Visual Effects Supervisor, Technical Director, 3D Animator.

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