Isaac Yap

Tertiary Institution in Singapore

I am Isaac Yap. I was born in Singapore and grew up with a great interest in comics and movies. When I was thirteen years old, my first comic strip was published in the local newspaper. Thereafter, I was heavily involved in producing more and bigger comics and eventually, I landed in a job doing story-based serial comic created all by myself. Not long after I worked to create sprite animation, I was introduced to the world of computer animation that impact my life drastically. From that on, I worked for over ten years mastering almost all 3D softwares that existed at that time. Eventually, I went to Bournemouth University in UK to attain my Master Degree.

I am currently entering my 10th years of teaching 3D animation production, Drawing and Visual Story Telling.

Over these years of learning, practising and teaching, I begin to realise and strongly believe that the stories (regardless of what form it takes) not only fascinate us, they can also edify us with its strong messages that empowers us to live life better.

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