Irene Meiller

Massage Therapy Teacher

Hello! My name is Irene Meiller. I help Massage Therapists shift the way they are working, so they can reduce stress and still do the work they love.

Are you tired? Do your hands hurt? Are you feeling overworked and under appreciated?

Life as a Massage Therapist hasn't always been easy. Actually, most of my early career left me feeling tired, under appreciated and overworked. My body ached and I questioned how long I would last in this field. Once I made a change in the way I was working is when my career shifted directions. I went from being an unhappy employee & independent contractor, to building my own thriving practice in less than a year.

And Then I Found Geriatric Massage!

When I first became interested in this field I found it hard to get the education I desired. I wanted to learn everything possible about Geriatric Massage and spent months and months doing research. I took several online classes as to help further my knowledge in Geriatric Massage. These online classes were taught through The Ariana Institute and AMTA's Meeting The Needs Of Elder Clients by Julie GoodwinI then found myself wanting to dive even deeper into the practice and signed up to take a Hands On class through the Day-Break Massage Institute. After years of continuing education and working in the field, I decided it was time to create my own course and certification. I have developed some fantastic approaches to helping our Elderly population and I can not wait to share these tools and techniques with you. Geriatric Massage has completely change my career and I know it will change yours too!

Now I am here to shorten the learning curve for Massage Therapists who are ready to make that shift and step into their own power!!

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