Henry Low 刘荣发

Presentation and UX Expert | PPT及UX专家

When it comes to creating a presentation deck, Henry Low has unparalleled credentials. He spent close to two decades of his professional life specializing in creating presentation deck for his employers and clients.

Over the years, he has developed a weird way of looking at presentation slides. Like almost every other skills in life, once you can obtain the magic formula, all you need is just the right coaching and a new way of thinking.

Henry's passion now is to educate and empower all people with the ability to deliver their ideas that stick in their audience minds, through the help of some professional looking slides.

He wants to eliminate all excuses prohibiting anyone from making great slides. The fact is you already have all you need to get your killer presentation slides ready. 

Through this course, you can leverage on his years of studying, experimenting, hands-on designing, and criticism, all distilled into the most proven methods, techniques, mindsets, and philosophies so you can turn those lacklustre slides into an awesome deck!

Do join him on this life-changing journey!







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