I'm passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, and after spending 10 years working in the industry I'm looking to share what I've learned.

My first job as a programmer came about almost accidentally when the company I was working for decided that they needed a website, which I naively volunteered to develop.. I picked up HTML, CSS and some basic JavaScript, and pretty soon I was hooked! A whole new world of exciting opportunities opened up to me, which have seen me working as a web developer, UX designer, marketing manger, and most recently as a mobile developer.

While there are thousands of fantastic tutorials teaching students how to write code, my content is focused on the soft skills surrounding the profession. I know how it feels to doubt your ability to land a programming role without a CS degree, or the challenges programmers face on a daily basis in the workplace. I also believe wholeheartedly that you can overcome all of this, no matter where your starting point is!

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