Hemang Shah

Innovator, Design Thinker, Inventor, Mentor

Hemang Shah, PhD is an accomplished innovator. He is a technologist and a tinkerer. He drives programs that help professionals and students master their goals. He teaches programs on innovation, developing business strategies, and public speaking. One of his chief objectives is to ensure that his students can readily apply the learning for their projects be it at work or at school.

Dr. Shah comes from a highly technical background. He got his PhD in Electrical Engineering. His research work involved working with liquid crystals and carbon nanotubes. Dr. Shah's projects were working towards making better displays (LCDs) and towards understanding how medicines can be delivered through carbon nanotubes. While a PhD fellow, Dr. Shah taught various courses to undergraduate engineering students and would explain science to kids visiting the Frankin Science Museum in Philadelphia. Nothing gives him as much satisfaction than working with students.

After his PhD, Dr. Shah has gained extensive experience in driving products that we use everyday namely: smartphpones. His work has gone into millions of products being used everyday worldwide. He is an accomplished inventor and true to his teaching roots, he continues to create future inventors.

Dr. Shah also runs various innovation programs. These tend to be very diverse with a very strict criteria for participation: the desire to solve a problem :) Some of his collaborators include writers, finance experts, psychologists, and engineers. Together his programs have resulted in numerous patent disclosures.

Dr. Shah has won a number of awards over the years. He won the Best Dissertation for his PhD among all engineering peers at his university. His biography has been featured in Marquis Whos Who in Engineering. He is an avid traveler and loves to share his experiences with his 100k+ readers.

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