Dr. Hector Gonzalez-Jimenez

A global marketer

A global marketer and citizen, Hector has gathered a diverse range of experiences throughout his life. Being raised in Germany by his Spanish parents, his multi-cultural identity has been shaped from an early age. At the age of eighteen Hector embarked into the next phase of his life, expanding his professional and personal profile at a global level. Since then Hector has lived, worked and studied in various countries such as Spain, Germany, Japan, South Korea, United States and the United Kingdom. Over the last fifteen years his professional portfolio has grown in various roles in marketing, education and corporate strategy. During this time Hector has worked on projects for small to medium sized businesses as well as large international companies such as Pepsi or Ford. Moreover, he has given talks or guest lectures at universities in various countries such as the UK, South Korea, China and Vietnam.

Hector is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Marketing at The York Management School, University of York, UK. He received his PhD in Marketing from the Bradford University School of Management. He also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Research Methods from the University of Bradford as well as a MBA and Bachelor of Science from California State University.

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